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[EVENT] DUC Hélices à AERO Friedrichshafen 2018 - Hall B2 Stand 211


AERO Friedrichshafen is coming !

We look forward to welcoming you to the AERO Friedrichshafen show from 18 to 21 April.

We will be at booth B2-211 to show you our new products. We will be very much look forward to seeing you there!

[NEWS] Arplast 2.0 with DUC Hélices Propellers


In September 2015, DUC Hélices Company, the French leader in the propellers sales for ultralight aircraft, has taken Arplast tools over to ensure the after-sales service and the propeller’s repairs of Sir Alain Petit.

This repairs, which is done in the new DUC Hélices place at Villefranche-Tarare, is made by the workshop manager. The propeller’s renovation will be reviewed in a seven-step process:

- Paint stripping

- Carbon fiber stratification vacuum damaged areas

- Propeller profile putting back

- Painting

- Hanging on a protective plastic shield on the leading edge

- Blade’s rebalancing

- Hub control  & Screws changing

Afterward, blades and hubs are returned to customers to fly safely.


For more information, contact DUC Hélices company: +33 (0)4 74 72 12 69 –

[VIDEO] "I was here!!!" at the big celebrating of DUC ;)
Click below to view the video:


On Saturday, June 24th, we celebrated the inauguration of our new facilities on the Villefranche-Tarare airfield. Manufacturers of aircraft, suppliers, pilots and friends, in total we were more than 500 aviation enthusiasts gathered in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

The entire DUC Hélices team would like to thank you for coming so many to share this unforgettable moment with us.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation to all the volunteers who participated in the success of the festival.


Finally, we would like to thank you for the incredible welcome given to our latest propeller presented during the evening: the SWIRL-3-L which completes the new SWIRL-3 family, the first propeller entirely designed by simulation, Be validated by bench and flight tests.


Exclusive information: The SWIRL-3-L presented exclusively during the evening is now available!


Obviously, for people who have not been present, we will be happy to welcome them to our new facilities for another occasion.


See you soon !


The DUC team

[AGENDA] Exceptional evening on Saturday, June 24, 2017!


DUC Propellers Team is pleased to invite you on Saturday 24 June 2017 to its exceptional evening to celebrate together its new location on the Villefranche-Tarare Aerodrome (LFHV) in Frontenas.

Possibility of coming by the air (Camping on site, shuttles available, hostels nearby).

Do not hesitate to talk about it.

Please confirm your presence before June 2, 2017 by registered on the link:


In the program :
Visit our new facility, PhotoBooth, Beaujolais Culinary Discovery, Cocktail Dinners, DJ-set, Animations throughout the night ...

Practical information:
Find all the information on:
(Accommodation, Arrival and departure instructions, Access map, ...)

Flight instructions:
Remember to constul the flight instructions on the following link:

The full folder is alswo downloadable on the following link:

For air traffic safety reasons, arrivals must be made on Saturday 24 June at the earliest in the day and departures must be made the following day.

[NEWS] DUC prop available on ROTAX 915iS (135hp) !


DUC propellers team is expanding its new range of certified EASA propellers and declines the three-blade FLASH-R certified on the new 912iS-135HP ROTAX engine with electronic injection.

This new light and robust three-blade propeller, entirely designed in carbon fiber and metal inserts, offers a huge constant speed effect and fuel economy. It also allows noise reduction.

This three-blade FLASH-R EASA certified prop was qualified on tests bench in the Austrian Parent Company. Test are in progress in NOGARO AVIATION Company (French partner) on DR400-915iS aircraft. First tests are conclusive!

This new one tends to 3 different EASA certified propellers available for 100 to 160hp engines.

DUC proposes as well a second range of 5-blades EASA certified propellers for 180hp engines.

These high precision carbon propellers are designed and manufactured in the new DUC facilities on the Villefranche-Tarare Airport (LFHV) at the cutting edge of technology, and are consistent and impeccable quality.

[ACTU]  Visit of the Engineers Students of Centrale Lyon Engineering School


DUC Propellers company was pleased to welcome the Engineers Students of Centrale Lyon Engineering School for a presentation of the activities and visit of the new site of the Villefranche-Tarare Airfield  (LFHV) of Frontenas, FRANCE (69620).


A lot of interests and curiosity to ensure a good future for aeronautics!


Wednesday 7 December 2016

[AGENDA]  Relocation of DUC Propellers company from Lentilly to Frontenas, on Villefranche-Tarare Airfield!!!



For information, move our local Lentilly in Frontenas from 14 to 25/11/2016.


New address as of 23/11/2016:
Aerodrome Villefranche-Tarare
289 avenue Edouard & Odette Durand
69620 Frontenas, France

Phone numbers and emails are unchanged.

+33 (0)4 74 72 12 69

[EXCLU] DUC Propellers, EASA certified!


Nearly 20 years after its first rotation, DUC Propellers Company goes off to new horizons.

After 3 years of working, DUC Propellers received July 7, 2016 the  EASA Type Certification for the 3-blade FLASH-R and 5-blade FLAIR-2.

The 3-blade FLASH-R propeller allows today to equip all certified aircraft under 1200kg (2645lbs) and 160hp maximum power. Conducted by Nogaro Aviation, the STC of the DR400 re-engined with a Rotax 912iS and equipped with the FLASH-R must be obtained in the coming weeks.

As for the 5-blade FLAIR-2 propeller, it has been specially developed to reduce noise on 180hp towing aircraft. The production of these propeller is now imminent, related to the finalization of the STC on Tower DR400 180hp.

Note that DUC Propellers is willing to carry out more STC (Modification of certified aircraft approved by EASA) to modernize the current aircraft fleet.

3-blade FLASH-R from 4399 € and 5-blade FLAIR-2 from 7571 € (prices without VAT).

2016 marking a turning point in the evolution of DUC Propellers, a relocation project was launched in April 2016 with the primary goal to move the company on Villefranche-Tarare aerodrome to be at the heart of its business. Needless to say, this move will allow DUC Propellers to expand its premises and modernize further. The transfer is scheduled for November this year and an inauguration will be completed by next spring.

Do not hesitate to contact DUC Propellers for more information:

+33 (0)4 74 72 12 69 -

More information

[NEWS] Happy flights for the new year!


Happy flights for the new year!



Tractive LBT System

Freedom Flapping & Drag

Optimization of comfort &

Absorption frequencies engines

Blade root with the soft covering

of the elastomer family

More information


[AGENDA] U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, 1st time for DUC Propellers! January 20-23 2016


For his very 1st time, DUC Propellers will be pleased to welcome you on its booth at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring (Florida) from January 20 to 23 2016.


More information


[NEWS & VIDEO] Pusher In-Flight Adjustable FLASHBLACK-2 propeller!

New pusher In-Flight Adjustable Pitch FLASHBLACK-2 propeller for autogyro, pusher multiaxis, trikes. More information

- Carbon & Titanium propeller
- Total weight extremely low: 8.5 kg !!!
- High performance aero
- Exclusive Innovation
- For geared engine with hollow shaft from 80 to 140hp

- Improved flight speeds
- Shorter take-off distance
- High comfort
- Ease of use with Constant Speed box

Link on YouTube :


[NEWS] Two-blade SWIRL-2 proppeller for 4 strike direct drive engine

The range of propeller SWIRL expands with the new two-bladed propeller SWIRL-2!

This propeller is designed for tractive aircraft equipped with 4-stroke direct drive engine (eg JABIRU, UL Power, D-Motor).

This new SWIRL-2 propeller is designed for 80 to 140hp engine.

Here are some examples of propeller configuration according the engine:
· Jabiru 2200: Two-blade SWIRL-2 propeller Ø1620mm
· Jabiru 3300: Two-blade SWIRL-2 propeller Ø1660mm
· UL Power 260i/iS: Two-blade SWIRL-2 propeller Ø1620mm
· UL Power 350i/iS: Two-blade SWIRL-2-R propeller Ø1660mm
· D-Motor LF26 4 cylinder: Two-blade SWIRL-2 propeller Ø1620mm

More information

[NEWS] Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Office & workshop will be closed from 25/12/2014 to 04/01/2015

All our team wishes you an happy festive season !

[AGENDA] ULM BLOIS 2014 exibition - 30 & 31 August

[AGENDA] EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 - Booth 426

For the 4th consecutive year, meet and discover the latest UCR Propellers Airshow at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 28 to August 3, 2014, booth 426.

More information


[NEWS] In-flight carbon propeller FLASHBLACK

The lightest variable pitch propeller never design!!!

- In-flight adjustable propeller with carbon/titanium blade and carbon hub
- Propeller weight extremely low; Titanium bolts
- Management of the pitch by "Constant speed" box & Visual indicator in flight
- Wide range of pitch variation & Safety stops small/large pitch
- Optimized performance for all phases of flight
- Hydraulic power with manual or electric control
- Low consumption & noise reduction
- Innovative high-precision manufacturing


- Tractor; 3-blade
- Weight: 6.94 in 3-blade included the control wheel at 190g
- Pitch angle adjustable, amplitude max. : 23°
- Compatible with hollow shaft engine (Rotax 912S, 912iS, 914)
- Diameters Ø1520 to Ø1900mm (Ø60” to Ø75”)
- Shielding leading edge in Inconel®


- BASE: 3-blade FLASHBLACK propeller included Pitch indicator & Hydraulic setting wheel
- LEVER (Option): Hydraulic setting lever
- ELECTRIC (Option): Hydraulic pump & Control switch
- CONSTANT SPEED (Option): Hydraulic pump & Constant Speed box




[NEWS] Ø260mm carbon spinner lenght 355mm

Carbon spinner Ø260mm lenght 355mm

Color: white

Weight: 400g

[AGENDA/NEWS] AERO Friedrichshafen 2014: Official presentation of the FLASHBLACK


For AERO Friedrichshafen from 9 to 12 April 2014, official presentation of the new propeller FLASHBLACK.

Visit us Hall B3 Stand 214.


SPECIAL OFFER March-April 2014


For each ordered propeller in March-April 2014
- One official DUC Softshell jacket offered*

For information, new price from 1st of March 2014: 2014 prices

* Value 80 € excl. tax

New FLASH-2 pusher propeller, the FLASH family grows!






More information